Behind every great choir is a great Booster Club.
— Mozart

Mozart may never have said that (although we like to think he did), however if he had it would have been spot on. While Mr. Baggett and the students are spending hundreds of hours working to perfect their music, an extensive and diverse group of parents, former students, and community members are working tirelessly to ensure that the musicians can focus on the music and only the music. 

The Booster Club is composed of many individuals from all walks of life. Together, they form a tight network of publicists, photographers, cooks, business owners, and much more. It is their combined skills that keep the choir running smoothly. The Booster Club plans and organizes every non-musical aspect, such as ticket sales, facility rentals, food and publicity, of every event the Nevada Union Choir is involved. In addition, the Booster club is heavily involved in fundraising. Only a small percentage of the choir's annual budget comes from school funding, the rest, which includes such thing as sheet music and outfits, is paid for largely by the Booster Club. In addition, the Booster club gives out scholarships every year to graduating seniors and alumni of the NU Choir Program who are continuing their music education in college. In 2016, the Boosters' club gave out $7,000 to five outstanding students and alumni of the program. 

For the sake of order, four officers, a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, are elected by the Booster Club every year to help keep it running smoothly. However, these officers need the support of the choir family to do their job effectively. We want you to join us at our next meeting. Whether you are a parent, friend, or simply an interested community member, we can use your voice and your skill to make Nevada Union Choir the best it can possibly be. We meet on the first Monday of every month (the September 2016 meeting will be on the 6th due to the Labor Day holiday) from 5:30-7:00 in the choir room. We look forward to seeing you there!

A Note from the President

Erin Pardini

A quick note about me...I am the momma, mom, mommy, mother of four beautiful daughters. The first is in route to getting her PHD, the second is working hard for her undergrad. The third is starting her 2nd year at NU in Concert Choir and the littlest is flying her way thru middle school. 
I have had the pleasure of owning my own photography business for a decade now. While enjoying doing weddings and such, I work as a lease administrator, for Snegg & Snegg, an ad facilitator for Berkeley Properties and a personal assistant. I am not bored.  

My history with the choir boosters is not a long one. I came to a meeting 3 years ago...Watching the passion of the volunteers, I realized that this program was worth all the passion the boosters could muster up. I believed in what Rod Baggett was teaching and in the legacy that the students would bring to their own families someday..The gift of song. 

I want everyone to see the beauty of this program. I will do everything in my power to show the community what a gem they have right here in the Foothills. It is my pleasure to be a part of the Boosters' Club.


Vice President - Debbie Ashlock-Dugan


I am so excited to support the NU Choir!  What a tremendous program that benefits not only students, but those of us listening to these amazing singers.  No wonder this choir is award winning!  Supporting our young people in having incredible musical experiences while developing a life-long love of music and community building is what the NU Choir Boosters are all about.

For sixteen years I have loved living in our Nevada County community.  My love for our community is what has sustained my commitment as a health/family life educator, nurse, business manager, volunteer for many programs and (oh yeah...) a mother of four (two of whom have been involved in the NU Choir program).  My two oldest have moved beyond high school, while my youngest is a member of the Chamber Choir, Concert choir and a very dedicated ballet dancer. 

I believe the best way to support our young adults is to be actively involved and share in their accomplishments and joy.  The NU Choir provides ample opportunity for both, and supports our singers in learning life-long singing abilities and a love of music.  I look forward to supporting the NU Choir in bringing even more beautiful concerts to our community this year, and invite all of you to support these amazing singers and Mr. Baggett in any way that you can. Come join the fun! 


Treasurer - Heather Ray


Hi! My name's Heather Ray, and I am the new treasurer for the NU Choir Boosters. I graduated from NU in 2003 and spent all four years in choir (two in Chamber). Choir was one of the things that I loved about high school! And that is why I decided to get involved again. I want to make sure the current choir kids have the same opportunities I had. Here's to a fabulous 2015-2016 school year! I'm looking forward to seeing lot's of fresh faces in our monthly booster meetings!


Secretary - Delphi Whittle

Hi.  My name is Delphi and I have two children in choir.  A little about myself:  I balance, I weave, I frolic, and all my bills are paid.  On weekends I like to blow off steam by participating in full-contact origami.  Critics all over the world swoon over my original line of corduroy evening wear.  I breed prize winning clams.  Seriously, come get involved with the NU Choir - we have a really good time!