The Madrigal Experience

Madrigal Dinner is an event that defies description. It is part concert, part history lesson, part dinner, part comedy routine, and so much more. But there is one thing that Madrigal Dinner is for sure: completely transportive. Transportive to not just another place, but another time. A time of knights and knaves, of wizards and jesters, and of Kings and Queens.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Lords and Ladies of the 21st Century. You are hearby invited, nay, commanded, to join King Arthur and Guinevere as honoured guests at the Feaste of Christmas. Ye shall enjoy the finest food and drink His Majesty's stores have to offer and be entertained by the finest musicians and actors the realm has ever seen. Not one will be allowed to leave without a full belly and a joyous heart. The King himself has commanded it!