Please fill out once for each choir member.

Choir Contract *
We have read and understand the Nevada Union Choir syllabus. We have noted all concerts and events the student is required to attend and understand that failure to attend these events without receiving an excuse from Mr. Baggett as outlined in the syllabus will result in a reduced grade for the student.
Student Name *
Student Name
So we know who your student is
Parent/Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Name
So we know who you are
Parent/Guardian Phone *
Parent/Guardian Phone
So we can talk to you. Home or Cell phone, which ever you prefer
Student Class Period(s) / Choir(s) *
So we know which class(es) gets credit for this form. Students in Chamber Choir should also select Miners or Ensemble
Emergency Contact *
Emergency Contact
In case there is an emergency and we can not reach you
Emergency Contact Phone *
Emergency Contact Phone
Someone else to contact in case of emergency and your parent/guardian is not available. A cell phone is preferred
Choir Positions *
The choir needs parents/guardians to take a stand. These positions aren't nearly as daunting as their titles make them sound, but we need people to fill them in order for the choir to go to Europe, create the Madrigal dinner and share their beautiful music. We want YOU to join us and help the Nevada Union Choir be the absolute best that it can possible be. Become involved and make a difference.
Do you have any special skills that might be a help to the choir (seamstress, graphic design, cook, etc.)?
Concert/Event Volunteering
Madrigal Dinner Volunteering