Letter to Parents

Greetings NU Choir Family,

Welcome to NU Choir 2018-19!   As we begin this new year, there is so much we are excited about!  We are only a few days into the semester and are already enjoying the friendships and connections that are made when creating music together. We are making incredible sounds and eagerly anticipate the concerts, performances and events that are planned for the year.

Within any healthy organization, there is always a great deal of planning and organization that happens behind the scenes in preparation for each event. This is where we REALLY need your help! Our parent volunteer base is at an all time low and we really need YOU to step up and get involved.  In fact, if we do not immediately enlist new people to help in several capacities, the result will be hugely significant. At this point we do not have enough committed leadership or volunteer base to facilitate some of our most beloved annual events. Virtually every single one of our events will be significantly compromised. In the case of the Madrigal Dinner; there is no realistic way it to produced it unless we fill many positions immediately.

All of our events require volunteers to plan and produce. While we greatly appreciate the willing people that will commit to work  an event, what we REALLY need are those  that will regularly attend our monthly meetings and take on a leadership/chair role. Please see the attached list of vacant positions.  The only positions that have been filled are Secretary, Treasurer, website technician and graphic artist. Virtually every other position needs to be filled by a willing person and committee.

As you look at the list below please and see where you might be able to get plugged in. The best way to find out more about these roles is to attend our first meeting on Monday, September 10th at 5:30 in the choir room.  If you can help but cannot attend this meeting please visit our website at nuchoir.org, Click on CONNECT WITH US then GET INVOLVED. Here you will be able to see the areas that you can help. If you have questions please email me directly at rbaggett@njuhsd.com.

I have faith in our choir family and know that the right people will come forward and make this an amazing year for our students.


Rod Baggett
Nevada Union Choirs


Below are the main positions still needing to be filled: Additional volunteers will be needed for each of these areas. This list only reflects the leadership positions.

President - Facilitates meetings, corresponds with committee chairs

Vice President - Assists President in coordinating with all committee chairs, assists volunteer coordinator ( or could be same position)

Volunteer Chair(s) - Ensures we have adequate volunteers for each event. Works together with chairperson for each event

Event Chair(s) - Each concert needs a person to oversee any particulars needed for the event: Supper of Song, Madrigal Dinner, Winter/Spring Concerts, Chamber Dessert Concert

Publicity  Chair - Oversee advertisements to newspaper, radio, website, social media etc.  Work with graphic artist

Fundraising Chair(s) - Oversee Choir Sponsorship Drive and other fund-raising programs; work together with Treasure

Website/Ticket sales - Oversee online ticket sales for all concerts and events; maintain website

Concert Outfits - Oversee the fitting of choir members in performance outfits

Madrigal Dinner (this is just the short list)

·        Madrigal Chair – Event coordinator(s)

·        Costumes

·        Food preparation

·        Meal planning and purchasing

·        Food plating

·        Wassail and Coffee

·        Head Server(s)

·        Hall Decorating and Table Set up/ Tear Down

·        Table Setting

·        Transportation of costumes, decorations, cutlery, etc.

·        Dishwashing

·        Wine Sales