We know that many parents and students have questions about choir and the boosters.   Here are answers to some common questions.   For additional questions about the syllabus or student requirements, please contact Rod Baggett.  For questions about the Boosters, parental participation in choir events, fund raising, etc... please contact the boosters at boosters@nuchoir.org

What costs are required of the student/family?

The Boosters Club wants every student to have the opportunity to sing in choir. The only required cost per student is a $10 clothing fee ($20 if paid after clothing day). The Boosters Club pays for virtually all choir expenses, including sheet music, transportation to/from festivals, and facility rentals. The exception to this rule is the spring tour. While it is often subsidized by the Boosters Club, students wishing to participate must pay the majority of associated costs.

Why are you so strict on performance attendance?

There are very few demands outside of class for choir students. Very little homework is assigned, and there are only 2-3 required events per semester for most students. When compared to other courses students take, demands are incredibly minimal. The loss of a single singer is significant and can be felt by the entire choir. As such, all students are required to to attend these events unless it is absolutely necessary that they be absent.

What exactly is Madrigal Dinner? What are the requirements for my student?

This is a somewhat complex question. For an idea of what the event itself is, check out the Madrigal Dinner event page. The question of how your student is involved is more simple. The main performers of Madrigal Dinner are the members of the Chamber Choir. They are required to be there for the event itself, as well as several rehearsals the week before. Students in the other choirs are invited to serve the dinner portion of the event to the guests. The only time commitments for serving are on the night of the performance. More information will be made available closer to the time of the event.

Do you need my help?

Yes! The Nevada Union Choir relies on parent involvement in all aspects of choir. The best thing you can do to get started is to come to one of our monthly Boosters Meetings (see events calendar for details). Also be sure to select several things you are willing to help with when filling out the required information.